Congrats to reps appointed to GLCs, serve with morality

UMNO congratulates representatives from UMNO, MCA, MIC and PAS who were appointed as chairman or board members of respective GLCs, GLICs, commisson and agencies under the government. It is a trust and responsibility to ensure all companies, agency and institutions execute all agendas to shore up the peoples’ economy.

It also demonstrates the direct involvement of the Muafakat Nasional leaders in the Federal Government in monitoring policies and achievement of such companies closely for the benefit of the rakyat.

It had been the tradition of the BN government previously in steering the economy and develop the people’s socio-economic well-being via the GLCs and GLICs through many projects and strategic business, notably in infrastructural development.

I personally urge all chairman and board members from Muafakat Nasional to expedite their duty honestly and full of dedication.

Of course the composition of board members will include some political appointees in ensuring that the government policy and aspiration are fulfilled but I am sure that the senior management staff and respective chief executives are chosen from among the professionals based on merit, qualification, experience and suitability.

God Willing, the non-executive board members can provide support and ideas to the professional team in enhancing the companies’ business portfolio.

All the best.

Selamat maju jaya.

UMNO President