Muafakat Nasional has its own significant in Slim

MUAFAKAT Nasional has its own significance in Slim by-election and this demands the whole party machinery to must prove it this Saturday with a big victory for Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Mohd Zaidi Aziz.
UMNO president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the agreement between UMNO and PAS was proven from the last six by-elections and the Chini by-election was the sixth victory and PPBM at that time had begun to help BN candidates.
“It means that these two elements of ‘bilhikmah wabilhasanah’ are quite important. If the last general election, BN, PAS and PPBM contested on their own merit. At that time, the late Datuk Khusairi got 8,000 votes, while PAS got 4,000 votes and PPBM 6,000 votes.
“I do not know how many Perikatan Nasional components will help BN candidates… I do not know how many. If PPBM is really strong in Tanjung Malim and in Slim, please give the 6,000 votes to Zaidi, “he said at Taman Permai Hall, Pekan Lama Sungkai, last night.
Also present were Perak PAS Deputy Commissioner, Munir Masduki and PPBM Vice President, Datuk Mohd Rafiq Naizamohideen.
Zahid added that in politics, there are no permanent friends and even no permanent enemies and if the two elements are used, namely ‘wisdom and’ hasanah ‘, it is believed that it will benefit all parties.
“There are no permanent friends, nor eternal enemies, but if we use the two elements of ‘wisdom’ and ‘hasanah’ I mentioned, the unification of the ummah is complete and will augur well for Muslims. However, non-Muslims will also be taken care of because Islam is beautiful and Islam takes care of other religions so that other religions are also respected.
“When UMNO and PAS started to show a sense of belonging among us, of course PPBM feels that this is a good example. Although the gassroots and netizens have different views but rest assured that other races, other religions will respect the unity among us because in the history of the Barisan Nasional, no other races and religions in this country are oppressed or persecuted,” he said.
It is clear that this is what BN is all about, and BN Charter will always safeguard the interest of all Malaysians.
Zahid also recalled how some leaders who today formed a new party once revealed that there is no need to form many Malay parties.
”How many of these pieces … first the party leader said the Malays are split into six parties. That is why UMNO and BN lost… then UMNO and PAS took a commendable step to cooperate… but when PH falls while not UMNO and PAS didn’t… they were frustrated and formed a new party. Do not be angry with UMNO and PAS.
”He then set up the Malay seventh party despite earlier avowing for Malays unification,” he said.
“To the party machinery here I would like to remind myself and all voters in Slim… it is enough for us to split.Prove in this Slim by-election that the UMNO candidate who carries the BN emblem supported by PAS and PPBM will win in stylish. We do not want to ripple away from arrogance because we want to show that Muafakat Nasional is the best answer to create unity among us, ” he said.