‘Malaysia Prihatin’ reflects how caring the government is

KUALA LUMPUR, Aus 30 – Wanita chief Datuk Dr. Noraini Ahmad said the 63rd National Day is meaningful as the theme ‘Malaysia Prihatin’ shows how benevolence the government is in helping to help ease the burden of the people, especially women amid the war against Covid-19.
“The Covid-19 pandemic that hits the whole world and Malaysians are of no exception. The country’s economy is affected and the people’s income is greatly affected.

“Nevertheless, the government has been so caring for problems that befall the people. Various assistance was extended, they listened to the people and has tried to accommodate them by introducing several measures to assist them during this hard times.
“As the Umno Wanita chief, I always care for the people, especially women. I really hope that more assistance can be channeled to women who are the backbone of a family, especially single mothers and the elderly,” he said in a media statement.
Commenting further, Noraini who is also Minister of Higher Education and Member of Parliament for Parit Sulong, explained that she was very supportive of Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s proposal to increase JKM assistance from RM250 to RM1000.
“The proposal is very timely. It can certainly ease the burden of the B40. I also hope the government will create several free courses for women and provide small business opportunities that can generate more income for the whole house.
“I am sure the government is ever ready to formulate strategic plans to help the people,” he added.