Umno sets more newcomers, listens to grassroots

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 Sept. – UMNO Secretary General Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan said list of candidates for Sabah state election shows that the party listens to the views of the grassroots.
He said even though many are new candidates, ‘seniors’ with good track records also made the cut.
“New faces for being nominated for the first time but some are also old faces in the party but were never nominated.”

“They are new… there is not parachute candidates. We do not have a ‘parachute’ but the candidates are locals who can win, so even though it is the first time they are contesting, some are old faces in the division and have been serving in their respective areas for a long time, “he said.
He explained that UMNO chose winnable candidates who are popular in their divisions.
“This is because the terrain of Sabah is not similar to that in the Peninsula, such as Kinabatangan which is as large as the state of Pahang. Imagine there are three DUNs in Kinabatangan, as if Sabah is divided into three.
“So it needs those who are energetic, popular and winnable to contest in the election,” he added.
“There are 32 UMNO candidates and I have instructed them to visit as many voters they could. Meet them irrespective of day or night, dawn or dusk. We must work hard in these 16 days to woo voters,”