Budget 2021 : Prioritise the rakyat

IN upholding the advice of His Majesty the Yang Dipertuan Agong, let me express my views on the 2021 Budget with suggestions for improvements and to include groups that do not benefit directly under it.
Initially, I would like to congratulate the Minister of Finance who in my opinion has presented a good budget. Although he is not a politician a professional in banking and corporate, he understood the political needs and misery of the people.
As a human being, not a ma’asum and far from perfection, of course there are some shortcomings in the 2021 Budget where of course all members of this glorious hall are ready to understand it.
However, the Honorable Minister of Finance too has made an attempt to engage the Opposition members.

This commendable attitude must be acknowledged by all of us – this is an openness that we welcome – even some ‘adjustments’, I am sure will continue to be done in order to see the country’s economy come out of the doldrums.
The 2021 budget is the first budget after the fall of the last government. This budget is the end of the 11th Malaysia Plan – after this the country will be served with the 12th Malaysia Plan. Of course after this, a medium term economic plan for the next five years will also be debated.
Tracing the extraordinary things that we will face, I once suggested a Political Ceasefire and National Reconciliation for the country to move forward and restore any economic and political fragility in order to serve the people better.
Of course, I also appreciate the YAB Prime Minister who accepted the decree of His Majesty the Yang Dipertuan Agong and the Conference of Rulers to implement Article 150 of the Federal Constitution. I can not hide my regret should the government succeeds in implementing the matter (emergency rule) in the face of political, economic and pandemic situations.

Kalau jernih air di Hulu,
Jernihlah juga air di Kuala,
Kalau sungguh ingin maju,
Elak sengketa dan terus mara

1. The 2021 Budget is expected by all sections of the people under the ‘Post Covid-19 Economic Recovery Plan’. In fact, the government must carry out economic recovery plans because the people want to feel that they are not just given fish but the hooks.
2. This is what the B40 or M40 Group hopes for without forgetting the T20 group which also contributes as one of the catalysts for the country’s economy. Perhaps some of those in M40 are now in the B40 Group.
3. Even the SME Industry Group (Small and Medium Enterprises) which contributed 38.9% of the GDP is affected. They too must be given special attention.
4. The number of job losses that increase every day should not be ignored.
5. People are miserable because many of them are experiencing ‘no food on the table’ and ‘no money in the pocket’ and even lose shelter.
Therefore, look at all groups so that none of them are marginalized and discouraged. These include:
1. Professional and technical groups who lose their jobs or have to move to areas outside the profession and their skills for the sake of family survival.
2. Look also at the private doctors who had their private clinics closed. This group of GP Doctors (General Practitioners) must be assisted by creating an economic stimulus scheme that can help them.
3. What about the tour bus operators, school buses, express buses and factory buses who are also affected and receive pressure to continue making monthly payments from credit and leasing companies, hire purchase companies that are not subject to a moratorium. Moreover, licensed credit companies are also under pressure, including borrowers of hire purchase vehicles. This company is not subject to the FSA (Financial Services Act) under Bank Negara. I support the immediate implementation of the Consumer Credit Act. I am very sympathetic to the school bus operators who are now without pupils and students. Tourist bus operators who have been contributors to the tourism industry are also in distress.
4. What about the moratorium on tenants of business premises under GLCs and Government Bodies.
5. Similarly, PPR and affordable houses are not given a moratorium. They are ‘marhaen’ citizens who need to be defended by the government.
6. What about the tenants of business premises? Even GLCs are not giving moratorium to tenants.
7. Please take care of:
Private vehicle borrowers – used cars (2nd hand cars) – without moratorium.
University student fees must be reduced – a total of 1.1 million IPTA and IPTS students are affected.
Youths and school leavers need attention too.
8. I appeal to the financial institutions and licensed credit/leasing companies to sympathize with borrowers who have lost their jobs and income. What happened was only ‘delayed earning and reducing the profit’.
9. Finally:
In politics there must be honesty.
– Honesty with partners, or just wanting their support.
– It must be done in charter or agreement of understanding.
– in writing or by convention.
– implicitly.
Honesty is not just a verbal agreement but its implementation. There is no question of who is virtuous or who is indebted but how togetherness should be translated. The question of political intrigue should be set aside – when political honesty is given priority – there should be no askance.
Yes, honesty is a lonely word.
There were many instance. We take the Tahkim Agreement between Muawiyah and Abu Musa As-Shaari – this does not happen between political partners. The fall of the previous empires – when leaders who felt themselves popular has forgotten the main principle of power sharing and mutual trust.
Be sincere and honest – people who hope for the best for them – must be given priority. This House is the best platform for the country to be in a stable political situation. Whether there is a motion for vote of confidence or vise versa, it must be tested here.
If this is not possible due to the constraints of the rules of the meeting – something must be adjusted – with government affairs must come first. Let the government that made it – government affairs come first – and let the motion of confidence be brought to this Dewan Rakyat.
An emergency proclamation is not an option – even His Majesty the Yang Dipertuan Agong and the Conference of Rulers have already rejected it. Not to mention attempts to propose an emergency proclamation in any form.
If this cannot be done, we must go back to the people, the electorates, as soon as possible. They are the sacred voice, they gave us the mandate, and it will be just right to get it back from them.

Barisan Nasional chairman/Umno president

Bagan Datuk Member of Parliament