EPF must simplify methods of withdrawal


1. I hear and read all complaints by the people who are disappointed with the conditions imposed by the EPF regarding the withdrawal of the EPF i-Sinar Account 1.
2. It turns out that the tone of the EPF management is very different from the positive expectations given by the Honorable Minister of Finance during the winding up session of the National Budget 2021.
3. BN and UMNO MPs, including the Youth and Puteri wings, had from the beginning were firm and consistent in fighting for the issue of EPF Account 1 withdrawal demanded by the people.
4. At a time when the people are struggling in the face of extraordinary pandemic circumstances, it is only necessary  that we simplify and cater to their needs.
5. Therefore, I ask the EPF to facilitate the contributors to withdraw their savings without imposing any conditions and given the option to withdraw it one-off for a maximum of RM10,000.
4 December 2020