UMNO needs to make the right decision

‘CePUMAS’ segment with Pas Youth Chief cum Perikatan Nasional Youth Chief Ir. Ts. Khairil Nizam on Pas’ stance.

Without wanting to be lengthy and winding, my conclusion is:
– PAS has no intention of leaving UMNO, in fact it appreciates the friendship with UMNO. When asked, what is the guarantee that PAS will not mufaraqah (leave) with UMNO as they once separated from Pakatan Rakyat, the PAS KP gave answers that boost our confidence.
– At the same time, PAS has no intention of leaving PPBM. This is clear, not only in this interview but also its Mursyidul Am statement during the day. PAS has also made it clear via many statements over the years.
– PAS puts forward a one-on-one aspirations (BN/PN vs. PH) and avoids a three-cornered fight as a condition to win GE15.
– If there is a three-cornered fight between UMNO, PPBM and PH, then PAS will be in an “impossible position” and may take a neutral approach. The lucky one is, of course, PH.
– PAS asks UMNO to respect its stand as it will also respect UMNO’s.
So what is UMNO’s action? To me,
Friends are already talking openly. We can choose to be upset, angry and discontented. We can choose to question the sincerity after the formation of the PN Government. We can say “MN is enough, no need for PN” even though our friend in MN has confirmed the stance of wanting three, not two.
Or we can choose to calm down, respect the stand of our friends WITHOUT compromising our aspirations as Malaysia’s largest national party. UMNO is a party full of wisdom and responsive to changing dynamics. I chose this one.
While we respect PAS’ stance, I am confident that PAS also respects that UMNO’s decision is UMNO’s absolute right, without coercion.
So UMNO must return to the “options” that are at stake and do not waste time talking about “options” that no longer exist.
You can refer to my post after ‘CePumas’ with Tan Sri Annuar Musa for suggestions on available options. True, it is not impossible for something to happen that may provides another formula but we hold on to reality – according to my understanding, those three “options” are what it is today.
There may be specific branches in each of the three, but in short, three “options”.
After completing the “survey” of the situation comprehensively and rationally, and after consulting firmly but fairly based on certain conditions and red lines as described in the segment with Dato’ Seri Ahmad Maslan, then UMNO has to resort to the “option”, which is the final formula.
Then we surrender and leave it to Allah The Almighty.
There is no risk-free option. What’s important is, decisions must be made so that there is no more confusion. As the white people say, “more is lost by being indecisive than by wrong decision”.
PAS is clear with its stance. I hope UMNO’s decision is the best not only for the survival of this party but also the best for religion, race, homeland.
UMNO Information Chief

Shahril Hamdan
Ketua Penerangan UMNO