Vaccinate the party, strengthen its antibody – Mohamad Hasan

REMBAU, Jan 3 – UMNO Deputy President Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan called on all party members not to be carried away by unfounded stories that may cause split to the party.
Members, he said must work together to strengthen the party and put a stop to all bickering. What is important is not to think about matters related to other parties and the best way is to strengthen the party with its own ‘antibodies’ so that the party continues to move forward.
“Let us not be carried away by stories that sometimes neglect us and cause us to drift apart. If this is not curbed then we will fall apart. We want to defeat DAP… we want to overthrow their government… DAP has fallen, what else do we want?
“Build our strength… that is important. Vaccinate ourselves, build up our antibody. In politics, it is the same. We strengthen our party and do not think about other people.
“If we wear a ‘face mask’ and oblige to the standard SOP, we will not be affected by this COVID-19 transmission. In politics, don’t be bothered by others… Strengthen our party… our party must be well managed… our party that lost GE-14 has risen to occasion. We managed to get up and have won the by-election seven times and Alhamdulillah, the strength we have built from within will augur well for its future,” he said in his speech while officiating the Rembau division UMNO delegate meeting here, today.
In his speech, Mohamad also stressed that UMNO will not cooperate with the DAP at all.
“Unfortunately, there are efforts to demolish what we have built. This is a very bad thing.
“We must make sure that this unification is strengthened again… this unification needs to be fertilized again so that it can ensure that we are together with all races, we open our doors to ensure that the majority population is united, only then will our country is safe.”