Don’t show disrespect for President

I HAVE seen the emergence of an unhealthy culture in UMNO lately, notably in urging the President to resign.
Various banners with obscene and impolite words were used. This is not UMNO’s culture and values. In fact, this is not the manner and moral of us as Muslims and Malays.
My advise is, never lose respect for the Presidential Institution, it must be treated positively. We can have different views, aspirations and image because UMNO has democratic values but do not lead it to disputes that eventually will divide UMNO.
I urge all of us to return to unity in UMNO by reconciling with each other. A small division between us will only provide opportunities to our opponents to crack UMNO further. Let the camaraderie not easy to challenge, stop being hostile to each other.
No one will benefit from the split of UMNO and no one will win. My greatest concern is, what will become of us in the end should this trend continues?
This is the moment we must find amicable solution to all differences, an era where the party is trying its best to reinforc the commitment for Malaysia, the Malays and Islam via democratic mean.
And finally, the era in which UMNO is recognised as a spokesman for the Malays and Malaysians since they already lose faith in the present government.
Insha Allah….

Dato’ Seri Utama Mohamad Haji Hasan
UMNO Deputy President