Do away with double standard

THE new SOP for Cabinet members returning from overseas duty as announced yesterday became a hot topic of conversation among the people.  It shortened the quarantine period from 10 days to 3 days.
In current situation, any explanation given will not justify such a move. What’s so special about them?
We are not denying the importance of diplomatic relations. Nor to deny that Government leaders need to go abroad for official purposes in the interest of the country, although that can be disputed too.
However, if we think positively and consider that there is something important that demands a visit or physical meeting abroad, all this does not give a reason for different rules with that of the people, especially regarding quarantine after returning home.
– First, the issue of the risk of Covid-19 transmission, when the public knows the incubation or quarantine period is more than 3 days. Try to imagine having only one positive Minister’s case after leaving the country that doesn’t need any quarantine – any explanation will be useless.
– Secondly, suppose the risk of transmission is curbed due to “travel bubble”, this exception is seen as unfair as most people are not given similar treatment.
– Third, leaders of other countries can also comply with the SOP, especially quarantine after returning to their country – why can’t Malaysian leaders?
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison visited Japan in October last year and upon his return to Australia, he underwent a mandatory 14-day quarantine while participating in a parliamentary session via video.
From the beginning of the pandemic a year ago, the Government emphasized the importance of joint efforts to overcome the challenges of Covid-19.
In that’s the case, our leaders should be on the same rules as others.
UMNO Information Chief