Full and ‘Semi-MCO’: Which is more effective?

THERE are two alternatives in containing the spiraling case of Covid-19 infection:
First, the FULL MCO – The government and banks provide financial assistance to the people. Ask the people to stay calm at home for a certain period of time.
Daily cases of Covid-19 infection can be reduced immediately. The emergency rule can be terminated immediately. The economic sector reopened but with strict SOPs to continue level the infection curve. Then we look at the success of the vaccination program.
Second is the SEMI-MCO. The government and banks do not provide financial assistance to the people but the people are given flexibility here and there to work and make a living even though the threat of pandemic is still high.
Covid-19 cases may not be reduced immediately. The emergency rule also gives no incidication as to when it will be over. Less stringent SOP are delaying efforts to contain the infection as we depend entirely on the effectiveness of the vaccine later on.
However, the WHO statement yesterday that the existing vaccine may be less effective against the new variant of Covid-19 raises questions about the effectiveness of the second alternative in immediately freeing the nation from thousands of new cases each day.
That is why from the beginning I was consistent with recommendations for the first alternative. However, the government’s decision was more of the second.
That is also why I often voice the grievances of the people who have to live with a second alternative – which causes them to still have to leave home to make a living even in the damp market conditions and rampant infections.
What we can do in today’s situation is to try taking care of ourselves in the best possible way in accordance with prescribed SOP and pray to God.
Only in Allah we worship and ask for help…
Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi
UMNO President