Accusing UMNO: Daim better shut up!

GOSH! I cant help but putting up a broad smile reading Tun Daim Zainuddin’s criticism against UMNO. This is what you’ll get talking without candor, stepping into someone else’s shoe without prior checking and failing to mirror yourself first.
Daim mentions reality issue here… considering Umno as a party that has nothing to do with political reality and is presently led by a bunch of self-vested and big dreamer people.
Who actually is out of reality, hallucinating he is still in power that he can decide anything for the country. Isn’t the prime minister who resigned is Daim’s own crony?
Perhaps Daim does not know how it feels like to be rejected by the people? If rejection is to be measured by elections, take a look at results of the series by-elections we have had.
Yes, perhaps Daim forgot that Pakatan Harapan (PH) which is his crony has lost in many by-elections to BN led by UMNO. BN came face to face with DAP, successfully defends Cameron Highlands; it took on PPBM candidate and won Semenyih, won against PKR when Dato’ Seri Mohamad Hasan emerged victor in Rantau state assembly, and UMNO fared well in the recent Sabah state election. This shows no rejection against UMNO.
We never forgot… UMNO is aware of who really wants to continue the party’s struggle and serve the people or who just wants to make UMNO a stepping stone to satisfy their own interests. The people realize this and UMNO has learned from experience… GE-14 then is a bad episode but the people quickly has awakened to facts who actually is better in serving the religion, race and country.
Yes, UMNO admits it… BN lost the majority of support (in GE14) and UMNO is also much hurt when some leaders jumped or being ‘enticed’ by PH with various threats, offers and others. Those who crossover is not a problem, they can go. Why? Because UMNO is a grassroots party and continue the struggle not because of power, rank and position.
Worse still, UMNO is plagued with many absurd accusations… mounting issue of legislation… that also doesn’t matter because it’s grassroots are there and the people do not stop giving a good evaluation for it.
What did Daim say? That UMNO is at odds with PPBM as if it can go alone in the next general election and win it.
Hello! Follow the logic of common sense… who likes to be bullied? Who is willing to be deceived many times? Who is willing to be used as a political toy and used for personal gain?
UMNO does not want any quarrel… UMNO does not want to quarrel with anyone, let alone people of the same race and religion but UMNO defends its own rights and interests and even the UMNO minister in the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government today is not a passenger but is qualified for the support given.
UMNO is part of the PN government hoping that it has some rights to speak in the interests of the people. UMNO is not power crazy, hard up for ranks and positions amid demands for a party man be appointed to the PM post. This is to support the idea that only power can execute beneficial plans for the people.
Perhaps Daim deliberately chose to go blind and deaf from seeing and listening things related to the people but UMNO has that eyes and ears. UMNO is with them all the time, even when it is out of power. UMNO never took to the streets form reform, no illegal rallies and never damaged public property. Instead UMNO remains firm in believing the principles of the Constitution and rule of law.
Look, Daim! If you do not want to admit your own mistakes, do not try to involve UMNO and point fingers at others. Enough to cover up the filth of hatred by protecting the evils. So, it’s good for him to just shut up!
UMNO Treasurer General