Secret account allegation is to demonise UMNO – Ku Nan

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 19 – UMNO Treasurer Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said allegations that the party keeps a secret bank account are bad connotation to demonise it.

UMNO had earlier refuted allegations that the account has existed since 1988.

“They have to understand that UMNO is an organisation that has been receiving funds since before Independence and until today still continue its struggle for the sake of religion, race and nation.”

In this order, he urges the people to learn from the past on how UMNO lost its power due to fabricated lies and slanders.

“Bear in mind and learn from lesson of the past, how UMNO was demonised by bad disposition and cheap propaganda meant to give a bad picture of the party.

“Maybe they are not satisfied with the court decision to return the money which was put on freeze last year.


“Praise to Allah, UMNO got back the money released by the court last year. We really appreciate it as it helps UMNO and Barisan Nasional (BN) operate at full strength, including make preparation for by-elections, state election, aid programs nationwide and financial assistance to all divisions as well as the party wings’ activities,” he said in his Facebook posting today.

He also explained that the frozen account is still pending at the Court of Appeal and Federal Court.

“UMNO’s account is audited annually by certified auditors and forwarded to the Registrar of Society (ROS). As a registered organisation, UMNO always abide the rules and regulations and puts its service for the people above anything.

“Let the court decides on the party’s claim on the money, which is going on currently.”

At the same time, Tengku Adnan who is also Member of Parliament for Putrajaya said UMNO continues to focus on the people’s wellbeing.

“Whatever the predicaments and challenges are, UMNO will not loose focus on championing the rakyat

Dalam masa yang sama, Tengku Adnan yang juga Ahli Parlimen Putrajaya menegaskan bahawa UMNO tetap fokus perjuangkan rakyat and their hardship amid the worldwide spread COVID-19.

“We also urge all parties to stop spewing lies, slander and bad propaganda against UMNO but instead help us to build a progressive Malaysia.”