Three decades of UMNO Sabah, rakyat remains top priority – Zahid

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 21 – UMNO President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the people should remain a priority and for that, any differences of opinion should be set aside and everyone must together for common ground.
In his speech in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of UMNO Sabah, Zahid who delivered a message via FB ‘Live’ said the ‘template’ for Sabah is always welcomed and must be implemented for the well being of the people.
“In this situation, I think Gagasan Rakyat Sabah (GRS)’s template or mold should augur well in developing the state and elevate the living standard of its people… we are confident that the UMNO grassroots will also remain strong and intact.
“Set aside the differences. Of course differences of opinion must be treated wisely but there must be morals to deal with differences of opinion. There is manners in dealing with differences. In this situation forget the point of no return. The people should not be forgotten.
“Forget the differences between us. Of course as ordinary human beings we have weaknesses and different in opinion but we must treat it accordingly,” he said.
Zahid said three decades of UMNO Sabah is mature enough. “Three decades is a long period and we have gone through various challenges. Of course all of these challenges have matured us… the struggle must continue and each and everyone of us must move forward without looking back except the history.
“I represent the entire leadership and wish all Sabah UMNO friends a happy struggle. Keep fighting and do not have the slightest bit of anger towards our other friends. We must move forward from now on.
“Do not underestimate the will of the people. Use this opportunity to gain their support, win their heart. May 11 (this year) is UMNO’s 75 anniversary. Maybe we won’t be around in the next 25 years but we want to be remembered well as fighters for the rakyat,” he said.