UMNO/BN to focus on people’s agenda – Zahid

KUALA LUMPUR, Mac 5 – UMNO President and Barisan Nasional Chairman Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi calls on all UMNO/BN leaders, members and machineries to keep focusing on the people’s agenda as a way to strengthen the party.

In doing so, he said they should ignore the reverse psychology of the opponents’ cybertroopers since there is still more rooms for UMNO/BN to tweak their bad dispositions.

“It is never too late. Let GE14 be our guideline. The GE15 success is our common objective,” he said in a Facebook posting, today.

Zahid who is also Bagan Datuk Member of Parliament said this referring to his earlier request for all UMNO and BN machineries, members and supporters to utilise the social media platform at its maximum.

“The (opponents) cybertroopers attack me amid their fury. They twisted my statements. Maybe they got disgusted or did it on someone’s instruction. Only God knows… but what does it meant?

“It shows how shaky and jittered they are with my calls. They are now restless. This ‘Slanderous Cluster’ is worried that the people will soon discover the truth – or they could have been dodged by their bosses.

“The ‘Power Cluster’, meanwhile, is worried should their bosses lose their job when the people realise how good UMNO and BN are. Another cluster, ‘The Profiteers’ cluster is also petrified to lose their job if UMNO/BN rules again”.


He, in the meantime, thanks those who gave him ideas and suggestion.

“God willing, the social media platform will become handy to us all,” he said.