Be creative in wooing the youth

KUALA LUMPUR, March 7 – Capturing their minds and making creative offer to the youth are paramount in efforts to woo them to UMNO, said Information Chief Shahril Hamdan.
He said this is because the group has a different mindset compared with adults who were more inclined to ‘traditional’ offers.
“To me, any offers to the youth must be really creative or in their language, ‘not a scheme’… There is also the possibility of increasing job opportunities so that the high unemployment rate during post-COVID-19 remains low like the previous BN government,” he said.
He said this through the program Sembang Santai Apa Cerita Orang Muda: Current Political Issues in the Country: Views of Old and New People ‘ with Johor Bahru UMNO Division Head Tan Sri Shahrir Abd Samad, recently.
Shahril who is also Pemuda deputy chief, believes that the party needs to come up with a different approach as promised before and be unique compared with other parties.
“We need to do more… we must to do it. UMNO needs to ensure that our offers, candidates and the policies are able to capture the hearts of young people because we are entering a different phase now… this is because young people are now more literate and far-sighted.”
“More of them occupy urban areas,” he said.