Wanita ready to face political challenges – Norshida

KUALA LUMPUR, March 8 – Wanita UMNO will continue to abide by all decisions made by the party leadership in an effort to face the political and current challenges of the country.
Wanita Information Chief Datuk Norshida Ibrahim said the challenges Barisan Nasional (BN) will face in the 15th general election needs to be refined as to ensure that the party’s momentum continues in gaining the confidence and trust of the people.
The country’s political uncertainty together with the current economic situation befalling the people amid COVID-19 pandemic will definitely have bearing on any political party.
“In this situation, UMNO is of no exception, hence the party machinery, especially Wanita UMNO must be ready in any situation to ensure that the party continues to gain the people’s trust,” she said.
Norshida, who is also the Segamat Wanita Chief added that Wanita has basically taken necessary steps, including the information machinery which will be streamlined and fits the current political scenario.
“The axis of the party’s strength is consensus, the main thrust is unity at various levels and to achieve success in the GE will definitely demand these criterions and of course, the right action.
“Let us achieve this aspiration without creating the slightest split among us, and with sincere hope for the party to continue helping the people and lead the country again… God willing,” he added