UMNO remains strong amid ‘bad disposition and cheque offer’

1. SINCE it was destined to lose power in May 2018, various efforts have been made to weaken and destroy UMNO by using various means, external and internally.
2. As early 2018, there were already efforts to ban UMNO by exploiting 16 former members that the party has violated its Constitution by postponing party elections, and the ROS itself has approved their application.
3. It is not enough with court action against the party, the UMNO leadership is threatened to dissolve the party if they refused prosecution and other forms of action.
4. The fact is, many UMNO leaders were threatened, pressured and coerced by using various agencies under the PH Government at that time.
5. Members who have resilience continued to remain loyal to the party. However, there were also lame ducks who turned coward and abandoned the party.
6. Those people had then turned their back on UMNO that once provided them with high positions and respect. In return, the government they joined halted any prosecution against them.
7. Efforts to weaken UMNO have continued until now, including using the ‘knife, pen and cheque book’ approach to break UMNO and abide their ‘scheme of thing’.
8. However, Alhamdulillah UMNO is still preserved by Allah because it remains intact. The real strength and integrity of UMNO lies in the sincerity of the grassroots!
9. The grassroots who are a network of 3.6 million members in 191 divisions and more than 22,000 branches throughout Malaysia are the sincere ones and loyalists. Not easy to break them.
10. Do remember, never repeat similar mistakes.

Jangan angkuh, jangan sombong untuk terus muhasabah, berubah dan lakukan koreksi!
Jangan menari mengikut lagu dendangan musuh yang sentiasa khianat mendengki!
Jangan biarkan kita mudah dipermain dan dimanipulasi!
Utamakan kesatuan dan solidariti!
Jangan cepat percaya dengan cerita-cerita sensasi yang hanya mencetuskan prasangka dan persepsi!
Pertahankan tradisi dan institusi parti!
InsyaAllah jika terus pegang kuat kepada tali dan berpandu teguh pada suluhan wahyu Ilahi, berpaksikan mantra keramat BERSATU, BERSETIA, BERKHIDMAT, UMNO mampu BANGKIT KEMBALI!

Dr. Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki