Domestic crime is alarming – Noraini

KUALA LUMPUR, Mac 9 – Wanita UMNO is saddened with the increasing rate of domestic crime of late.

Its chief Datuk Dr Noraini Ahmad said she is tormented with the spate of cases that happened in a week, including one believed was carried out by her husband.

“I believe there are many other cases but the victims were afraid to report it. Efforts to contain domestic crime must be enhanced, including awareness campaign of its Act using the social media.

“We must realise that domestic crimes such as wife-bashing, suffocate and others will start off with petty matters that will soon escalate into serious ones. It may happen once or two but what if it escalate,” she said in a statement.

She urged those victims to come out and report such cases.

“In Malaysia, domestic crime comes under the Domestic Crime Act 1994.”

A woman was recently found dead believed to be shot by her husband following an argument in Taman Saujana, Kota Tinggi.

In another case, a woman working as a manager at Ikram Malaysia, Nik Khatijah Nik Mud, was found believed to be murdered in Klang.