Malaysia is no private land, our democracy must be better

MALAYSIA’S democracy must be better and stronger than before. Unfortunately, the events that have taken place recently uncovers the fragility and weakness of it.

Post-modern Malaysia could have been exemplary to other developing nations about how our democracy can revolutionize into a democratic system, that is filled with local wisdom and bore many achievements with Malaysia being the most successful developing nation.

However, the otherwise is happening. The quality of our leadership is regressing, with Members of Parliament acting recklessly based on vested-interest and not on principles or values. Freedom of speech and expression is shrinking with various ordinance and impositions that instill fear rather than responsibility into the people.

This is coupled with the context of the hung Parliament and our crippling Constitution. All of these deteriorates our democratic values, which is extremely worrying.

Malaysia must come out of this democratic deficit. We have to be better and strive to excel in governing this nation while presenting progressive democratic values, and allowing the present pattern is devastating.

To all Malaysians, we have a collective responsibility to improve our democracy.

Whether we are a Cabinet Minister, a public servant, an opposition politician, a member of civil society or even just a layman, let us revive our democratic values to a level much better than what it is today.

This country is ours. The people dream of a prosperous homeland that truly makes them feel that Malaysia belong to them.

Thus, let us work towards recovering our democracy with a proper march. Do whatever we can for the sake of it, uplifting Malaysia’s democracy to a better and more progressive place.

UMNO Deputy President