Serve the people, discard personal interest

LOVE for the country – Ideology & Personal Interests…
THE Permanent Resident (PR) and party-hopping are two boiling issues in the country presently.  Abroad, China has passed a resolution deemed as  controversial which will put Hong Kong under strict supervision under the ‘patriot rule’.
I strongly agree with what the Chinese government is doing because the resolution stipulates that anyone who wants to offer themselves to be an elected representative in Hong Kong must loves the country and China. This is something we must take and relate to the situation in our country.
Look at the recent times when there are individuals who offer themselves as elected representatives just because they only believe in their own ideology, championing so-called equality and demand a lot of freedom for various reasons. This is the problem when they failed to recognise the concept of the nation-state of Malaysia.
All Malaysians should know that this country will only succeed if we understand the demographics of its people who are multi -racial, multi-religious and have a different way of life. We are a plural society that lives on the unity of diversity, and not by confiscating each other’s rights.
Our people are not mature, in fact, for the concept of democracy in our country is a guided one, not an absolute democracy. The duty of the people’s representative is also not only to serve or provide assistance but must also show understanding, not only in terms of ideology but also action.
Loving the country, carrying out responsibilities and trust to the people who have elected it, bringing about change and ready enough to defend the local community are the priorities of those elected representatives.
Do not make the people a stepping stone for personal gain. We only look at certain parties where most of the elected representatives are not from the constituency he represents, will hop to another constituency after one term, migrating from one Parliament to another Parliamentary constitution at each and every election.
For example, they will move from Kota Melaka to Petaling Jaya, then to Tanjong,  Ipoh Timur and then to Gelang Patah and Iskandar Puteri. There are also those from Kota Raja who moved to Ampang and then to Kuala Langat but later on jumped to support other parties over personal gain.
What are their services to the locals? Only causing much confusion, manipulation and perception!
If you look at the immature actions of elected representatives who failed to comprehend the true meaning of the struggle, I am worried if the right to vote at the age of 18 is implemented. What’s more, the voters had elected young people as their reps and became the youngest minister who fumbled and failed to become an icon.
Put aside emotions because the representative is not only to take care of the people but also to build the country. Do not easily emulate the external mold because Malaysia is built on its own Constitution, not similar to that of the West or any other party.
Developing the country needs mature and wise people. This is not a game.
For that, the ‘Hong Kong patriot rule’ resolution which garnered 2,895 at the Parliament was not opposed. To our reps, please digest…

UMNO Treasurer