Thank you for all the support in my court case

ASSALAMUALAIKUM, I pray for your good health and wellbeing.
I sincerely wish to thank all friends who provided me with all their support throughout my trial in court. I took note of a lot of requests for me to come up with a public explanation on Facebook.
I understand your good intentions but as I said previously, I am not allowed to do so as I can be a subject of ‘subjudice’ and ‘contempt of court’ because it will be seen as trying to convince or influence others.
However, maybe I could share information about this trial process. Perhaps it will help you understand a little bit about what I am going through.
The first process in a trial is called ‘Prima Facie’. At this stage, the prosecution has to prove the case against me first. The prosecution will call all their witnesses, in which I will not give any statement. I was only allowed to listen and observe.
Thus, what the media has reported about the trial of my case was based on this first process and the witnesses’ statements. After it is completed, the court will make an assessment of whether the prosecutor has succeeded in proving ‘Prima Facie.
‘Prima Facie’ means ‘there is a case’ in Latin. If the prosecutor fails to prove ‘Prima Facie’, InsyaAllah I will be acquitted. Otherwise, the second process begins. It will be my turn to defend myself against the accusations,
The court will also hear statements from my defense witnesses.
Once again, thank you for your support and prayers. InsyaAllah, together with my defense lawyers, I will continue to face this trial calmly and accordingly.
UMNO President