Dance to your own music, strengthen the party

POLICIES adopted by UMNO General Assembly (PAU) in 2019 still applies, and all top party leaders have reiterated many times that there will be no cooperation with PKR and DAP. Rejecting PPBM does not mean we should continue with others.
The fact stands, that the Supreme Working Council (MKT) has never changed the decision of PAU 2019 which rejects cooperation with PKR and DAP.
If Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim still wants to avow that there are official political negotiations between UMNO and his party, it is his right to do so, like he had always announced of his majority in the Parliament.
We do not have to dance to the beat of others but instead focus fully on strengthening our own party, and work hard to win the heart of the people.
The party’s goal is of course to win the people’s support with better offers and vision compared with our competitors.
Without their support, UMNO will not be able to gain dominance as expected by members who continue fighting for the religion, race and nation.

UMNO Information Chief