RM10,000 compound: Pemuda offers free legal advise

UMNO Youth is deeply concerned with the people’s grievances over the RM10,000 compound against those flouting the Covid-19 SOP.
Although in principle UMNO Youth supports the Government’s efforts but the amount of compound is too high, and in fact is very burdensome, especially when they are already burdened with the issues of survival.
In this regard, Pemuda offers free legal advice to the public who are slapped with the compound for their minor offenses.
We provide two hotlines for that purpose:
Our lawyers are:
(i) Nik Saiful Adli Burhan (Chairman of the Legal Secretariat and Youth Council)
(ii) Faridzul Azlan Abd Shani
( iii) Muhammad Nur Aizat Noor Azam
We are of the view that the Government should consider revising and lowering the RM10,000 compound so that the people do not feel oppressed and burdened.

Datuk Dr. Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki
UMNO Youth Head