Whatever the differences are, abide by party decision

UMNO will be at loses should we continue bickering over the third party’s opinion.

If we are divided into ‘two streams’ discussing over ideology definition, party direction, new offers and so on — at least it’s a constructive difference. However, if it is caused by the question of relationships with people outside, then it will become pointless and a waste of time.

Of course, there are differences of opinion on certain issue but party’s decision is ultimate.

As at today, it is clear that either the UMNO General Assembly (PAU) 2019 or the Supreme Working Council (MKT) (which are the two UMNO policy -making bodies), had decided:

1. There will be no cooperation whatsoever with PPBM, PKR and DAP in the upcoming general election,

2. Cooperation with PAS is maintained and be strengthened, and

3. Support for the Perikatan Nasional government is until the dissolution of Parliament.

Members certainly have their own views but they should not be labelled as traitors. It is a serious accusation that should not be hurled without a motion to examine their actions and behavior. It’s just that, once the party’s is made, our duty is to abide by it, not rejecting it.

In the beginning, we wanted to be with PAS because everything was the same. But among those who disagree – whether from UMNO or perhaps PAS as well – are able to swallow the ego, acquiesce and even help make it happen.

I had mentioned the decision made by the MKT regarding to cooperation with PPBM is only valid once the Parliament is dissolved, and that doesn’t change. So it is up to the members to determine and sanction it.

If we focus on strengthening UMNO/Barisan Nasional (BN), empowering our machinery and enhancing supports, then it should augur well for the party. If we do not stop the askance among us, all our efforts will go down the drain.

We are now discussing the ‘new deal’ for the people, economically and socially, finding ways to entice more young people and promoting new candidates. We trashed out everything during the meeting.

We must be better than PH and PN.

However, throwing tantrums at each other in the open forums is a waste of time and energy as it should be applied on many beneficial matters. Its time to stop all these crap!

Let us all pray that the General Assembly on the weekend will be able to provide a better picture of UMNO in making preparation for the GE.

UMNO Information Chief