Use proper channels to discuss party matters

THE General Assembly (PAU 2020) will convene on the weekend. After being postponed twice due to Covid-19, it will finally take place under the new norms and strict standard operating procedures (SOP).
Isn’t UMNO a political organisation always abide by the law, prioritizes the supremacy of Constitution and ensures that the ethics of the conference are fully-observed? We also adhere to conditions set by the Registrar of Societies (RoS).
We all know that PAU is a platform for the grassroots to speak out through delegates to the conferences. And this is not the time defending any wild statement that contradicts the Supreme Working Council decision for whatever reason. It does not bring any good. Just wait for PAU to decide on the party’s direction. Respect the voice of consensus.
If we fail to respect the institution, then UMNO will rot from within because some people are trying to rip it apart. For those outside the party, members can evaluate them. They know who should be politically apprehended and ignore. At the same time, bear in mind that those who are not UMNO members are not actually against the party.
In reality, UMNO also need the Malay support. UMNO must be seen as staying in relevant with their quest and strong enough for all citizens.
UMNO alone cannot win the election but if UMNO is strong and the Malays are united, the party will gain everybody’s trust. All parties in UMNO must also be aware with those few sowing hatred among members, with the intention to damage its reputation.
UMNO today still supports the struggle for religion, nation and homeland. As an Opposition or as part of the government, UMNO is always intact.
Have we forgotten the 22-month predicaments? At that time, they wanted to ban UMNO, wanting it dissolved and making remarks that UMNO was dead, not any more relevant and all sorts of negative things. Everything related to UMNO was pressured, UMNO leaders who refused to bow out to their demand were subjected to court charges, UMNO accounts were frozen and members were ridiculed.
It’s already a year since UMNO became part of the government. Never forget the harrowing time under the 22-month government, learn something from it. Based on that, it is very clear that UMNO is the only party that cares for the people. It is for all Malaysians, as proven during the Barisan Nasional (BN) era.
UMNO is not a racist, elitist or an exclusive party. It is for our religion, race and homeland. Never change it. Think of the Malays in the future. We must stand united, loyal and ready to serve.

UMNO Treasurer