BN prospered the nation, unlike the 22-month regime

MY friend sent me, and I read what the posting says. Reading it, I felt it was hilarious although I suspected it was a fake account.
I strongly believe that those with genuine account on social media will not leave such comments because they know about UMNO’s sacrifices and contributions over the centuries.
Although it is a fake account that may have been fabricated by J-Kom, I still want to give an explanation so that it is clearer.
UMNO was founded in 1946 and is 75 years old. In the early days, it was this party that fought for Independence. The party still fights for religion, race and nation until the present. Everyone acknowledges that history.
You posed a question in this ‘fake account’ as to whether we are all cheaters for over 60 years. I believe the owner of the account is the one who cheated because the monthly salary you derived from the dirty job must be paid according to your wishes even if you have to cheat.
Malaysians know how to evaluate things. The leadership of UMNO and Barisan Nasional have also led to the prosperity of the country during which it was glorious economically and administratively.
It happened during the UMNO leadership. Were there no highways, roads, skyscrapers and high unemployment rate during UMNO leadership? We enjoyed prosperity during that time.
I think the cheat was the 22-month and 22-year rule. Everything was broken. I think ‘fake accounts’ need to give a description about it as well.
The reason is that the country is now plagued by economic problems, FDI has fallen sharply, the people face difficulty in making ends meet and so many of them have lost their jobs.
Whatever it is, I pray for Allah SWT restores the era under BN.
Finally, I would like to ask if J-Kom is adding 100 new staff? I heard the 3 month contract is extended for up to a year? Many SPM graduates are also employed,?
Please do something useful when hired. Explain to the people about the changes that can be made to restore the country. Instead of sowing slander and hatred on social media, do the otherwise. Aren’t you afraid of Allah?
UMNO President