We don’t entertain the barking dogs – Zahid

KUALA LUMPUR, Apr 21 – UMNO President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said there is no reason for UMNO paying attention to the political barking dogs.
Instead, he said UMNO leaders will not bow out to them and will continue to struggle for the religion, race and country.
He who is also Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman said those political beasts are angry and frustrated for failing to get UMNO cooperation with Bersatu in the next general election.
“We are not sure what animal are they referring to but it is definitely an animal called frog. Do not equate loyalty of UMNO leaders like frogs,” he said in a statement in a Facebook posting.
He said it was not enough to insult UMNO leaders trapped with defamatory accusations. “Yes, that is how slander based politics has been continuously used as a weapon since GE14.
“Whatever it is, that Bersatu leader showed hatred towards UMNO and its leadership. He also belittled our struggle. We know why they behave like this even in the holy month of Ramadan.”
Two days ago, a leader of Bersatu Faiz Muhammad described the ‘Court Cluster’ which refers to the UMNO leaders facing court cases as ‘political animal’ to the outrage of many.