MKT 25/4 and the disrupted democracy

MANY parties watch constantly our Supreme Council (MKT) meetings as it goes for the extensive coverage on PAU.
2. Whatever the speculation is out there, the decision is taken in the spirit of deliberation and wisdom to fight for the people and the party. And when it comes to the party’s agenda, it is not based on the interests of leaders or party members alone but of our believe a leadership by UMNO is the best for Malaysia.
Not to mention all the policy-making after seeing 22 months of PH and 14 months of PN that caused concern among the people – among others as outlined in the official statement of UMNO Secretary General.
3. In the previous meeting, the PAU 2020 resolution was raised, and the desire to return the mandate to the people as soon as the Covid-19 situation is under control remains a priority.
4. But all this were disrupted when Parliament is suspended and the emergency becomes an obstacle to the check and balance process.
Not to mention the question of proving the legitimacy of the PN Government.
If there is an argument that they want to hold elections later as a way out of political turmoil, even that cannot happen when Parliament is not in session and emergency applies.
5. So, one of the main decisions of the meeting was as contained in the official statement – urging that Parliament and the State Assembly sittings resume for democracy returns.
6. UMNO believes that as long as parliamentary democracy is disrupted, principle of accountability is set aside, investors stay away and the economy remains sluggish, no policy of whatsoever can be managed properly.
7. Any decision on the continuation of UMNO’s involvement in the PN government will be decided in the spirit of deliberation.
When decision is taken, the Supreme Council is confident that all party members, including those with the Government today, will abide by it, thus displaying unity within the party.
8. As for party elections, once again UMNO takes a comprehensive and wise approach that look into all angles before setting any date. MKT decided to seek guidance from the authorities on the best method, taking into account the constraints under Covid-19 SOP.
Information Chief