Encouraging party hopping is really strange

PPBM Information Chief strayed bullets against Tan Sri Hamid Bador, slamming the former IGP remarks for the MACC to investigate party hopping among Members of Parliament as rather strange.

It was not only Hamid who raised concern about the possibility of graft involved in the party hopping that got rampant since the last general election but other parties also shared the sentiment.

Hamid’s statement during his media conference was not something weird. Nothing weird at all. Not also strange when some UMNO leaders demanded a probe to the issue.

What’s actually strange is when a ruling party said party hopping is the personal right of the MPs and it shouldn’t be made an issue.

I quote some exceprts of what the PPBM’s Information chief had said to Utusan Online.

“When he first tookover the job, he himself leapfrog from the Special Branch to become the Inspector-General of Police. The party hopping incident happened most when he was working under Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad as the former Prime Minister. So, why are you raising this issue now? For me, this is the right of MPs or elected representatives to expedite their duty in the best way under any party, and that should not be an issue.”

1. He was equating Hamid’s transfer of office from Special Branch to the Inspector General of Police with the party hopping by elected representatives? That’s a crap analogy. I don’t think it needs to be explained why a rep is not allowed to jump ship just because some civil servants moved departments or been promoted. Don’t use absurdity by saying that the people also change careers.
2 It was good that Tan Sri Hamid raised the question. Investigate the allegations first whatever his motive was to divert public attention. The people can judge what Hamid said. The gravity of his allegation was serious and I believe it will not fizzle out in short time.
3. Whether intentionally or not, the PPBM Information Chief seems to admit that many hoppings took place under PM7 and PM8. Perhaps that is why he was ‘directed’ to attack Tan Sri Hamid because the former IGP indirectly reminded the people of which party has benefited the most from the massive party hopping over the last 3 years.
4. Maybe party hopping is the right of MPs. As at now, it is not a crime. But if there was elements of corruption and intimidation – is it right? Can we accept them toying around with the mandate given by the voters? Ask yourself.