We demand 5 things for the people, not MAGERAN

ISN’T it strange when the Prime Minister’s Office itself came forward to oppose a MAGERAN (National Action Council (MAGERAN) to replace the government. In fact, we have never heard of any party demanding it.
As for Umno, we never asked for it and the leadership has been consistent in demanding five main things for the people:
(1) EMERGENCY is nullified after August 1, 2021 because it failed to contain Covid-19 for almost 6 months.
(2) Utilize the Emergency Powers under the existing Emergency Ordinance to assist the people, including bank moratorium without additional charges and interest.
(3) Utilize the Emergency Power to control spiraling price of goods and provide assistance such as i-Sinar 2.0 and i-Lestari 2.0
(4) Utilize the Emergency Power to impose a ‘TOTAL LOCKDOWN’, not partially.
(5) Resume the Parliament session to uphold principles of democracy so that there is accountability for all government decisions such as expenditure of public money, utilising the Trust Fund, management of Covid-19, vaccination process, purchase contracts for vaccines etc.
Although some Members of Parliament are with Perikatan Nasional, Umno has never agreed or even indirectly consulted on the PROCLAMATION OF EMERGENCY. In fact, the Covid-19 excuse is also doubtful.
For that reason, the above five demands have been consistently raised by UMNO so that the Emergency period is fully utilized to help the people.
We have never for MAGERAN be enforced but we demanded for the end of emergency after August 1.
Youth Chief