Set up more vaccination centers, says Zahid

KUALA LUMPUR, June 13 – Umno President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi urged the government to set up more vaccination centers since only a small percentage of Malaysians had been vaccinised as at June 11.

So far, only 2.9 million have taken their first jab while 1.2 million has completed their second. Out of 32 million population, at least half or 16 million must be vaccinated immediately.

“We are too slow as compared with other nations who have reached their maximum. If it goes on, we will not able to achieve the target of creating a herd community to enjoy back their normal life.


“Their economy (in other nations) are normalised and the people are free to move around. How long more do we need to observe MCO after MCO under a suspended democracy during the emergency?

When they were accused of toying around with politics, they blamed us when in fact 14 million have registered for vaccination, many still waiting,” he said in a FB posting.

“There are complaints such as those 60 and above have yet to get theirs when they had registered for quite sometimes. Isn’t the government itself is reeling from Covid-19 effects,” he added.

The Bagan Datuk Member of Parliament also said the 14 million registered should have been given their first jab because it will boost the country’s morale in encouraging others to do so.

“The vaccination centers must be added to cater for the people’s need. It will speed up things. If other countries are able to achieve a high level of immunity fron the pandemic, we too should be able to. Don’t point fingers to petty matters, especially the frontliners who sacrificed a lot in containing this pandemic.

“Umno volunteers nationwide must continue giving their best effort to help the people register and take their shot. We will be okay,” he said.