Hail The King!

1. Umno hails His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong for issuing a decree that the Parliament sitting must resume soon.

2. This reflects His Majesty and The Malay Rulers’ wisdom in considering the peoples’ uneasiness and multiple crisis hovering the nation right now.

3. I appreciate His Majesty’s impartial consideration over matters brought to him on June 11.

4. During an audience with him, I cited the Parliament as the highest platform to discuss the peoples’ predicaments during this pandemic, notably the automatic moratorium, spiraling prices of daily necessities, i-Sinar 2.0, i-Lestari 2.0 and effort to revive the country’s economy.

5. Umno is of the opinion that the Emergency must not be extended beyond August 1st since it brought about more negative impacts to the people and nation, and that the government can still manage the Covid-19 without it.

6. Umno also upholds and respects His Majesty’s view for the needs to have a stable and strong government to ensure its effectiveness in dealing with Covid-19 and the economic recovery.

7. Our sincere gratitude to His Majesty and the Malay Rulers for always standing with the people, with particular during this difficult period.

UMNO President


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