Close ranks for Umno’s sake – Khaled

TO ESTABLISH a stable government in Malaysia, Umno must become a part of its structure. Pakatan Harapan collapsed because Umno was the force behind it. Perikatan Nasional was also formed because Umno gave it a life support.

PN’s fate is sealed within Umno’s drawing board. It is in Umno that lies a benevolent administration.

However, Umno is plagued with domestic problems, especially the existence of many warlords with their self-interest ambition.

They harbor personal political ambition and not for the country, the party, the Malays and Islam. Umno will eventually succumb should all these are not looked into.

Umno leaders must put behind personal aspiration and focus on party and nation aspiration. Sometimes there are different opinions that puzzled and annoyed the people.

If Umno wants to stay relevant, it must be firm with all decisions. This means only the Presidential institution and the Supreme Council can steer its path forward.

As to whether we are in the same page with certain individuals and leaders in the party, keep it to yourself. Whats important here is retain our discipline.

Those elected through party election are the ones representing us, so trust and cooperate with them.

Without discipline, the party will be mocked by the people. Without unity, Umno will go to the dogs.

To all warlords and factions, put aside your personal interest and safe Umno. Let us close ranks for the country;s sake.

But it does not mean that you have to forsake of becoming a leader when the time comes. Umno always promote the new ones and among the best to take over the leadership.

May Allah bless our unity.