10 improvements to help the people

KUALA LUMPUR, July 9 – Youth Chief Datuk Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki listed 10 things as requests on how assistance to the people can be further enhanced.
They are:
1.  Immediate Covid Special Assistance (BKC), don’t wait for August. The people are desperate now. (Note: BKC value is RM250 for M40, RM800 for B40; RM1,300 for hardcore poor; RM100 for single)
2. Just approve both the categories of ACA/BKC and GKP recipients – (M40: BKC (RM250) + GKH (500) = RM750 only; B40: RM300 + GKH: RM500 = RM800 only) . Many complained that the ACA/BKC was denied because of GKP while the GKP for businesses was affected while the ACA/BKC was more for families.
3. Simplify applications without too many documents. Bureaucracy will make it difficult for the people, especially the M40 who only receive RM250.
4. The IRB should take into account the latest data. This includes M40 who fell into the B40 category since the beginning of this year during MCO 2.0 and MCO 3.0. The 2020 tax payment data does not reflect the reality of current situation.
5. The government should increase the fiscal injection by increasing the amount of BKC especially for M40. The value of RM250 is too little in a situation where the people have reached a desperate level.
6. Improve i-Citra by allowing withdrawals in a ‘lump sum’ compared to periodically every month and a higher rate according to the contributor’s savings, for example RM10,000 for those with savings of RM100,000 and above.
7. Allow access to EPF Account 1 and facilitate i-Citra withdrawals without having to go through bureaucracy in withdrawals and applications.
8. Allow access to the T20 and M40 groups to withdraw contributions at a higher rate for the purpose of settling commitments.
9. Coordinate the method of offering moratorium by banks by not imposing accrued interest.
10.Emergency special assistance for small traders who are starting to have to go out of business due to the prolonged and endless MCO 3.0.