Truth about Supreme Council meeting

KUALA LUMPUR, July 9 – Information Chief Shahril Hamdan details out the actuals at the Supreme Council (MKT) meeting as it raised many incorrect views and analysis about it.
“Some question the party’s official statement after the MKT meeting yesterday. It became even more murky when its details were leaked out of party secrecy.
What really happened? Some of the main ones, without me disclosing details of it as they are confidential:
1. Various views were voiced. We took into account each and every of it.
2. After discussion, several resolutions were read by the President, besides congratulating (Ismail Sabri) for his appointment as Deputy Prime Minister.
3. Two main resolutions other than the internal affairs of the party, namely:
– The party is gaining the Prime Minister’s attention.
– Umno MPs are given the freedom to use their discretion in any vote of confidence or no confidence in the Dewan Rakyat in the future.
After the meeting, the President’s statement was read “live” to the media, followed by an additional statement by the Secretary-General a day later.
Both the President’s and SUA statements also cited the two main resolutions abovementioned.
Hopefully, all members and party leaders regardless of position will continue strengthen the party, win the people and ensure victory in GE15.
That is the real acid test for us. Nothing can change us. Apparently, the people’s situation has not improved, let alone showing interest in any political game at the back of their hardship. We do understand them.
Let’s pray that all of us are accorded the wisdom as our party is the people’s asset. Let them evaluate us.