Nothing political, its for the people – Zahid

KUALA LUMPUR, July 9 – Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi asserts Umno must prioritize the interests of the people and the country despite having to go against a torrid era.
He said it is not true at all that the party is going for power and position.
“If you thirst for power, it is not like that. Better cling to existing power. Do not blame Umno for the PN’s government failure,” he said in aFB posting.
Earlier, the BN Chairman cited how the number of Covid-19 cases is approaching 1 million and the use bed at all Intensive Care Unit wards is almost reaching full capacity, but the new infections keep increasing and put the people in more predicaments.
“How painful it is to lose a beloved family member who succumbed to the pandemic. Who understands? Umno seems to be the only one fighting for them.
“The country’s economy keeps plummeting, many have lost their livelihoods or jobs. A large number of people live miserably in unimaginable extreme pressures. So there was suicide cases and raising the white flag for aid.
“You think Umno can close its eyes and ears to all this? Umno is with them and we will speak out for them.
“In fact, I was accused of complaining loudly, talking like an Opposition, that it is the personal agenda of the Umno President. Umno is accused of playing politics but they lacked of the ‘political will’ to help the people,” he said.
The MP for Bagan Datuk stressed that the people have been suffering for too long with almost no money to spend.
“Assistance was announced for the people but we say it was not enough. They lamented at us with unscrupulous accusations and criticisms,” he added.
He said, this prompted Umno to take a big decision because it knew the people could no longer take it any longer.
“The situation needs to be corrected from the top.  Adjustments need to be made so that the people’s aspirations can get back on track as soon as possible.”