Consider new strategy to contain Covid-19

KUALA LUMPUR, July 14 – Vice-president Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin suggests the current pandemic scenario demands the government to take a look at all its strategies and come up with new ones which are more effective.

He said, Head of Health Management of the Armed Forces Brig Jen Dr Mohd Arshil Moideen has recently revealed the absence of coordination to the integrated planning has led to hiccups in the Covid-19 management.


“It is not surprising that as at yesterday, July 13, the nation recorded 11,079 new daily cases, surpassing the 5-digit level. This shows that over the last 24 hours, an average of 7.6 patients were found positive every minute, and worse is that it happened during the Emergency and total lockdown.

“All these call for a re-planning of the approach the government has taken.

“If our decision is really based on scientific figures, we should have identified several differences, among which are the loose procedures for those who have got 1 dose of vaccine, 2 doses and they who are still waiting for it, including they who didn’t register,” he said in a FB posting.

Apart from making several suggestion to ease quarantine centers, he also recommended:

a, All measures must be based on scientific and medical guidelines.

b. The government provides the right type of vaccines as to encourage more people to register;

c. Open up the economic sector instead of waiting until the nation reaches 70-80 per cent herd community level.

He said, all this must be properly planned and expedited as to boost up the people’s confidence.