Probe ‘air jab’ for healthcare integrity

KUALA LUMPUR, July 24 – Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin has suggested that the government immediately consider an independent public inquiry to investigate the incident of empty syringe injection or ‘air jab’.
He said this was because the people had the right to know the true situation and the credibility of the country’s health system must be restored.
“Incidents of empty syringe injections and vaccine malpractice have affected the credibility of the national vaccination system. The government’s statement that those involved will be re-vaccinated is a very simplistic response.
“It was also suggested that people who doubt whether they have been properly vaccinated should take antibody testing to make sure we have protection. This is very unreasonable. Who should bear the cost of this next test?” he said in a FB posting.
The party vice-president is also of the opinion that the proposal to issue a special vaccination confirmation card is irrelevant because the digital certificate can also be tested for its validity through the vaccination data network.
“Do not burden the government and the people with various cards that have no use at all. The proposed issuance of special cards is a waste of public funds.
“It seems to be business-motivated and not safety or health. Take advantage of the MySejahtera system and strengthen it with international vaccination validation efforts by sharing the vaccination database with our immigration system.
“This means that verification will be possible by checking passport data by various international border guards from other countries for the purpose of international travel,” he explained.
For domestic purposes, Khaled said MySejahtera data can also be updated in the identity card for verification purposes.
“But all this should not discriminate those who choose not to be vaccinated or should not be vaccinated. People are free to live by their choices and beliefs. Never let digital certificates or any vaccination verification method be an obstacle to human rights freedom,” he said.