Why quiet on Emergency revoke?

KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 – Information Chief Shahril Hamdan was puzzled why the government did not make public over the Emergency Ordinance revoke.
It was only made known during the special Parlimentary sitting today, that it was repealed on July 21.
“Why no announcement? Of course the Parliament is the best platform to debate policy issues of national interest but for a big decision like repealing the Emergency, why was it kept away from the public?
“It means that for five days, the people were not told about it and what are the laws operating in Malaysia. What is the justification of all these?
“What took place over the past five days, with compounds, fines and other matters related to the administration. What laws are in place at the moment?” he said in a FB posting today.
He stressed that in the debate, it was mentioned that the Constitution provides any Emergency Ordinance must be tabled in Parliament, unless it is repealed earlier.
“Is avoiding this debate procedure a reason for the cancellation to be made early? While yesterday, UmnoEs official statement clearly wanted to discuss and repeal the Emergency Ordinance.
“Anyway, a thorough explanation must be made immediately to avoid confusion. Even in the House earlier, there is still confusion as to what the emergency status is. If the proclamation lasts until August 1, will its ordinance nullified?
“When was the decision made to revoke it, and did His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong give his consent and approved it?”