PN uses Parliament to their whims and fancies

KUALA LUMPUR, July 27 – Deputy President Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan is of the view that the Emergency Ordinance was revoked by the government unconstitutionally.
The Emergency Ordinance which was scheduled for debate at the special Parliamentary session was canceled abruptly.
“Everything is done without transparency. No official announcement, no presentation in the Parliament, no notification from the Palace and gazette. Parliament is not for Perikatan Nasional to toy around and adjust it to their whims and fancies.
“The Emergency Ordinance was implemented without being tabled in Parliament, not debated and its implementation could not be reviewed. The cancellation was only announced in Parliament. Since when has the Parliament be turned into a rubber stamp to Cabinet decisions?” he said in a FB posting.
According to Mohamad, Umno has done its job in unison with the people’s insistence and even opposed the declaration of a state of emergency, demanding its cancellation, restoring the parliamentary session and restoring the function of the Constitution.
He explained that Umno’s consistent stance had put the PN government in a desperate and fragile position.
“The repeal of the Emergency Ordinance proves the truth of Umno’s stand that emergency from the beginning is wrong and unnecessary. We are right that suspending the Parliament and crippling the Constitution is not the way to manage the crisis.”