Why PH MPs ask to set aside scientific data?

I THINK anyone not a doctor or just a common practitioners, should agree with the specialists. Even politicians must admit this.
Approval the use of a drug must be based on decades of established medical practice. Is Ivermectin effective for treating Covid? Surely, I don’t know. Only the experts know but even that they have to refer to documented research.
All we know is,
1) Physicians have differing views on the potential of Ivermectin but the vast majority agree that the data are not yet sufficient.
2) What’s more, even if it is safe, there is no scientific manifestation on it, for example:
– what is the correct dose?
– when is the appropriate time to apply to patients? As a deterrent? During stage 1? Level 2? Level 4?
– How long is the treatment?
These are all basic questions. Only experts can answer it, not any politicians.
3) In Malaysia, clinical trials by MOH will end next month. The results will be presented in 9 months.
4) There are several countries that have tried the use of Ivermectin for Covid but far more are not yet ready to approve. Often referred to is India but they too has recently stopped the use of Ivermectin.
5) Approval in Malaysia will go through the NPRA procedure under the MOH. NPRA will not approve products without in-depth study.
In the WhatsApp group, there are many theories about it, which is normal in the social media today. But whoever becomes the government, the healthcare administrator cannot make decisions based on theory and assumptions, or a politician’s popularity.
Instead, decisions and approvals must be made according to procedures, data and science. Its important because these drugs will be used on people.
I think many can accept this rationale.
But among Pakatan Harapan MPs today, they seem to reject this basic rationale. On the other hand, in their attack on the Health Minister, they (Kota Raja, Shah Alam, Sg Buloh, Sg. Petani, Bayan Baru, Selayang, Batu) behaved irresponsibly under the eyes of the people, asking for Ivermectin be used immediately, and that the Minister “bypass” or “overrule” the procedures.
There are huge implications when MPs who are not doctors, not experts but influential in the eyes of the people, act in this way. So much so that he is willing to urge the Minister to use his “executive power” to set aside the procedures built to preserve the safety of the people.
In other words, rejecting approval systems and procedures, rejecting the role of civil servants and medical specialists who are not even tied to any political party.
I regret to note how former Health Minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad did not follow this procedure. Hopefully he can play a role in educating his colleagues in PH to be equally responsible and sensible. You cannot kick anything round, right?

Information Chief