Be prudent, Umno will excel in GE15 – Zahid

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 5 – “For those who do not understand or ridicule the Umno President, be it because as long as the party is on a prudent path and always stay with the people, we will excel in the next general election.
President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said this in review of his presidency for the last three years.

“Time really flies since three years I was elected as president. There were many thick and thin. I still remember when they elected me on 30 June 2018. Still fresh in my memory.

“The trust of the majority Umno members chose me to lead and continue the struggle. I will never forget them,” he said in a FB posting, today.
He said, he still remembers being held accountable and restructure the party after losing the GE-14 due to slander and lies.
“It was not easy because Umnohas never failed in its political history for decades for religion, race and country. Going through 14 General Elections (GE), winning 13 times and losing once in 2018 is very difficult to accept, so it has been ingrained in the heart with full confidence and self-confidence that Umno will not fall further.”
The Bagan Datuk MP said he this will ensure that Umno remains relevant amid all bad dispositions hurled against it.
“Thank God, the principles, beliefs and stance have never faded no matter what they are. We will stand tall again”