The MoU: Nothing more, nothing less

1. WHAT’S the purpose of having this MoU? The understanding between the Government and the Opposition is of course meets the current demand for political stability until GE15.
2. However, does it mean that the Government is at par with the Opposition? Is Umno already with other parties?
As Anthony Loke mentioned, this does not mean that the Opposition will stop being an Opposition, far from being part of the Government. I am confident that the Opposition will still play their role in criticising and balancing the Government. They will not let go of that domain.
As for the Government, this understanding does not mean that we will continue erasing any differences between parties or share the power in making decisions. The final decision on any policy is still in the hands of the Government – and this is understood by the Opposition.
3. If the Government still dominates, why sign the MoU? The full content of this understanding will be scrutinized. However, at an early stage, it gives hope that the Government and the Opposition can work together to practice deliberative democracy especially in Parliament.
For instance, with the involvement of the Opposition in select committees in Parliament or even involvement in the Covid-19 combat plan.
4. What is the purpose of this MoU other than political stability? Some of these institutional reforms are also increasingly being fought for by Umno and its leaders such as DS Azalina Othman, that is implementable. Previously, the question of “reform” was at the peak of Pakatan Harapan voice but this time Umno can take the lead.
5. Does this mean “No DAP No Anwar” is outdated?
What is mentioned during PAU is not just No DAP, No Anwar for GE15. In fact, it is also ‘No PPBM’. Any changes can only be decided by PAU or the party’s Supreme Council.
As mentioned above, this understanding is not a power sharing with PH. It’s for political stability in the current unique situation; for now, no more, no less than that.
6. Is it so easy for us to believe in PH?
The level of skepticism between the Government and the Opposition did not disappear overnight. Each will see the actions of the other. There is still room for PH not to keep its promise to help the Government – so I strongly agree with DS Shamsul Anuar Nasarah in reminding the Government to be vigilant.
7. Who benefits from this MoU? Is it Umno or PH?
Above all, it is hoped that the people and the country will benefit from this understanding through the policies implemented and the stability achieved, albeit for a while.
8. But from Umno and BN point of view, we are able to get an advantage because for now the Umno-led Government is given space to govern. If other people want to support the Umno administration for their own reasons, and for as long as we can rationalise their demands not to betray the people or go beyond the party’s boundaries, we will manage it to our own advantage as well.
9. Regardless, everything is still subject to the performance of the Government and the people’s court. Whatever the understanding, if the Government does not use the opportunity to serve well, Umno will be punished in GE15. However, if the Government performs well, Umno’s image will also improve.
10. For Umno, it is good to give the opportunity and space to see any understanding that strengthens the position of the Umno-led Government as well as able to help increase the probability of its good performance.
Information Chief