Those flourished are now betraying us – Shahril

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 6 – Information Chief Shahril Hamdan said the political turmoil in Melaka is very frustrating as it was staged by some individuals who once flourished under the State Government.
More saddening is they were led by someone who once made it to the pinnacle of politics under the same party, and are now backstabbing his own buddies
“I watched the media conference by Melaka Umno Liasion chairman Datuk Seri Ab Raof Yusoh who said there were actually no problems with the leadership of Chief Minister Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali.
“It seems that this fracas was deliberately the work of an individual with vested personal interest to become Chief Minister again, not to champion the people.
“What’s intrigued me more is when Pakatan Harapan (PH) condoned the action although the have pledged to work together until GE15, which is around the corner.
The Youth deputy chief also said it happened amid efforts by the government to restore political stability and contain the Covid-19 pandemic.