Rebrand Umno to be more youth-friendly – Shahril

BESUT, Oct 8 – Information Chief Shahril Hamdan emphasized the importance of Umno to reach out more to the young in preparation for the 15th General Election (GE-15).
He said the best way is to rebrand the party to make it more youth-friendly.
“We are facing a big change in the electorate landscape, especially in managing the 5.8 million new voters and how the party wants to manage because most of them are non-partisan and have no loyalty to any party.
“I emphasize that our branding must be suitable for that generation by taking into account in terms of presentation, usage, speech, platform and sentences that we use must to tackle them,” he said after attending a ceremony with Terengganu State Umno Liaison Committee (BPUN) Chairman Datuk Seri Ahmad Said.
Also presence were Terengganu Youth Chief Tengku Haphiz Tengku Putera and Besut Division Chief Nawi Mohamad.
Shahril, who is also Pemuda vice chief said the approach to reach out to younger generation was not only the responsibility of the Youth and Puteri but the party itself.
“We need some modifications. If that can be changed, I am sure Umno has a chance to win the hearts of most of the 5.8 million, but if we stay in a way that is too traditional as the usual, I am afraid they will choose other party,” he said.