Zahid Hamidi upsets with exaggerated coverage

I’ve never used abusive words as described by this news headline.
I’m unsure why my words in a recent interview was portrayed as if I’m so arrogant.
The story also pinned my photo as someone ruthless.
The truth is, I am not such a person.
Let me explain what I have said about the political scenario in that interview.
Firstly, I was asked about Umno and PPBM cooperation in GE15, and I said:
“I must respect the 2020 party General Assembly’s decision.
“A resolution was reached not to have any cooperation with PPBM in GE15, and as the president, I fully respect it.”
I also answered a question as to whether I was frustrated with Muafakat Nasional we inked in 2019.
As a politician, I was not at all frustrated. However, we must observe honesty in partnership and never betray each other.
“Enough is enough, once beaten twice shy, it was not Umno that was betrayed few times but others, and I believe it needs re-evaluation.”
Later on I answered questions on the status of MN should Melaka state election takes place, and my observation was:
“Let Umno go dutch using Barisan Nasional (BN) logo, and God willing, the people will opt for the best party”.
My answers were not arrogant but based on today’s reality.