BN track record is proven – Ahmad Maslan

MELAKA, Nov 12 – Umno Secretary-General Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan describes Barisan Nasional manifesto as realistic, inclusive and comprehensive.

The Pontian Member of Parliament is also of the believe that what’s promised in it is capable of giving the state the best should BN is given the mandate to rule it in the state election.

“What I meant by inclusive is that it covers the B40, M40 and the T20 income brackets, and at the same time gives emphasis to the youth, women, senior citizens and the less fortunates.

“The is very inclusive, apart from resolving other problems such as floods in ensuring that Melaka will remain a tourist haven and embrace modernisation. Its all in the manifesto.

“Realistic because it can be done, inclusive in involving all parties while comprehensive includes the economy, social and tradition. Its easy to make a choice, so let’s pick BN,” he said.

He added that the manifesto will be improvised from time to time and be included in the state budget.

“We don’t promise them the moon and the stars as our focus is towards enhancing the education, healthcare, communications, development, agriculture, tourism, etc. Its all about the people’s wellbeing.

“We are not making promises we can’t keep but we are being realistic in implementing it. Do we want to repeat our mistakes of choosing the parties that never had track record in administering the state and nation?”