What’s the point of having PNB118 and TRX106?

WHAT is the point of having PNB118 and TRX106 if the people are still poor?

I guess you already taste your own medicine. But, you stay being deluded.

Name it – PNB118, TRX106, Bandar Malaysia, HSR, ECRL, MRT3, LRT3. All these are in tandem with our development. All have gone through research but what are their multiplier effects and its gain for the people?

The projects are planned to give Malaysia the exit from the middle income trap. We should have achieved it in 2020 by being a high income nation.

What will we get from this status? Foreign investment. Higher income, high skill worker, high technology transfer, R&D boost.

As someone involved in the construction sector, what do you think the people will get from high-rise building, especially PNB118 and TRX106? Of course Malaysians will benefit from new engineering field such as:

1. Facade engineering
2. Green building
3. Anti-terrorism building management
4. Fire engineering
5. Lifting engineering
6. Skyscraper project and construction management
7. Skyscraper structural analysis & engineering design

Are you able to learn it in universities? Do you know how many lecturers/researchers who want to explore this new fields? And you keep saying that it is useless. Or your IQ level is that low!

But that’s it. You were responsible to shove off what Barisan Nasional wanted to implement. You want to chuck Najib in jail. Najib is now enjoying his FB. He already got back the assets you robbed. New evidence linking Zeti Aziz and Jhow Low in 1MDB case is already there.

Back to my words again.

You already taste your own medicines. Unfortunately, you still stay being deluded.