Meet for unity, not otherwise – Shahril Hamdan

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 18 – Information Chief Shahril Hamdan said the news, the heated interpretations, the headlines and the divisive descriptions are the norm in politics nowadays.
He said that those who try to demonise Umno will say that the party is weak by spreading false information about it or deliberately exaggerated the information with a bad intention to force a wedge among leaders and members, he said in a FB posting.
The Youth deputy chief, however, responded to several specific allegations, namely:
1. The President never left the Supreme Council (MKT) meeting, let alone in a state of anger. I have witnessed many times how the President is always open and calm, listening to various views in meetings, including those who are not parallel with his.
2. The narrative of an early general election being rejected which led to him getting up and leaving the meeting is not logical because the issue was not even discussed. On the other hand, the top five party leaders are given the say at the MKT level to come up with solutions without having to announce it publicly. As the President once said in a speech, “if all party strategies are announced, then it is no longer a strategy”.
So have trust in them to make considerations for the party. The question of whether there is a motion from the wing or division ostensibly to go against the PM, that is a baseless allegation.
Each division has the right to bring motions and proposals. It may be different and contradicts one another. That’s their rights because everyone has their own point of view but shares the objective of wanting the party to win GE15). However, it is the MKT and the General Assembly to decide upon receiving it.
So, there is no need to take the interpretation made by certain parties and news portals. They know nothing.
In this regard, Shahril called on party members to thwart such efforts at the divisional meetings.
“There is also no such thing as Putrajaya or PWTC cluster, instead there is only Umno Cluster to lead the Keluarga Malaysia.”